Empowering mothers at home and at the workplace.

Discover how you can thrive as a mother without compromising on your career. You can have it all.

It’s possible to balance motherhood at the same time as a thriving career. Find out how to strike the perfect balance by downloading a free chapter of my book.

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Working mothers excelling at home and at work.

Your cliffsnotes to balancing motherhood and career at the same time, on your own terms. Download a free chapter of my book Who’s Your Mummy? to get started.

Hi, I'm Alexis

I am an Australian Human Resources professional and international Coach.

I come from a family of working women.

For generations, the women in my family worked to earn a living and did not compromise on their responsibilities at home. I used to wonder how they could do it all.

Through my work, I have studied and gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by working mothers, especially those attempting to integrate back into the workplace after maternity leave.

In my experience, more and more women are joining the workplace in senior roles. The challenges that career mums face today are different than what they faced in the past.

Today, as a working mother myself, I help expose these challenges and specialise in guiding other working mothers during maternity leave and career transitions.

I am passionate about overcoming the challenges of working mothers and empowering them to be their best at home and at the workplace.

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I am passionate about speaking at charity events and empowering women. If you'd like to invite me to speak to your audience, please get in touch.

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